Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why Are There Photos of 12 People Outside the Ace Hardware Store in Stuart, Florida?

If you pass by the Ace Hardware store in Stuart, Florida, any time between June 29th and July 13, 2014, you may wonder why there are 12 large photos of various people on the side of the building.

And that's the plan.

To make you wonder.

To wonder enough that you start asking people about these photos.

To wonder enough that you come to this blog to find out what the heck is going on.

And what's going on is really pretty simple.

It's The Inside Out Project

These photos are part of a larger art project (the Inside Out Project) designed to get people to notice things of importance.

In this case, to notice some of the many amazing people who make up the Treasure Coast community.

The conversations generated by questioning who these people are and why their images are on display is the true benefit of this art project, called Treasures of the Treasure Coast.

We're Honoring 12 amazing people who fly under the radar!

The Arts Enrichment Club (it meets every Saturday in Jensen Beach) is honoring those who often fly under the radar but bring true value to their community.

The club is also matching each honoree with another of similar characteristics, which is why the photos are in pairs.

The goal of this art project is to get everyone talking about the quality people seen every day in the community.

Individuals those of us who live here rub shoulders with but don't know.

The project is meant to make each person who sees these photos think more deeply about their neighbors and take the time to get to know each other and especially these great honorees.

So Who Are These 12 Treasures of the Treasure Coast?

Scroll down this page to learn more about each of the 12 honorees and the wonderful things they do to benefit the community and even the world beyond the Treasure Coast.

You can also find each person by clicking on the links below:
Rob Crowder / Curtis Whiticar
Mindi Fetterman / Margie Jordan

About the Inside Out Project

The Inside Out Project is a creation of artist JR who was featured by and they chose to give him $1 million towards making his global art project. We are choosing to participate in our own way. You may find more information by going to or looking up JR on

Meet Rob Crowder

Rob Crowder and Curtis Whiticar are paired on our InsideOutProject wall because both men started local businesses around the fishing industry and our waterways. 

Find out about Rob Crowder here, then scroll down the page to learn more about Curtis Whiticar.

Rob Crowder

Who is Rob Crowder?

Rob Crowder is a native Martin County resident. He was born in Stuart in 1975. In college he began repairing fishing rods. When he was 21 (in 1998) he started his own business - Crowder Rods - which is still around today. "Most other companies have their rods manufactured in China or somewhere else overseas," says Rob.  "I'm proud that Crowder Rods are made in the USA."

Growing up on the Treasure Coast, Rob spent his free time fishing and surfing. "Our community has changed since I was a kid," says Rob. "Today's kids spend more time indoors on cell phones or playing video games. I like to get kids to fish and spend time outdoors instead of sitting around inside all the time." With this in mind, Rob helps out at every local tournament event he can, whether it's fishing, golf, or any other kind of sport. He also donates rods to summer camps for kids. Some of the organizations Rob has contributed to include Boys and Girls Club of Martin County, Kiwanis, House of Hope, Arc, Treasured Lands, Coastal Conservation Association, Ducks Unlimited, Education Foundation, Martin County Artificial Reef Fund, Stuart Sailfish Club, Sheriff's Youth Ranch.

In his spare time nowadays, Rob enjoys taking family and friends fishing and boating. He also enjoys "teaching children and adults about our precious marine life and habitat."

Rob has two daughters, Abigail and Megan Crowder, and two stepdaughters, Karlee and Ava Aultman. 

What Others Say About Rob:

Rob  has a genuine love and appreciation for our community, its residents and our diverse waterways. He inspires others to share his appreciation through speaking at local events and teaching children to fish. Rob contributes annually to numerous local organizations  and events benefiting The Boys and Girls Club of Martin County, The Education Foundation, ARC, and many more. He is also a dedicated father to his two daughters and two stepdaughters. We couldn't be more proud.Jennifer Aultman

I have donated my time as an Auctioneer to numerous local charities. It is very rare for me to be at a fundraiser and not have a Crowder Rod to auction or raffle. Rob is always excited to give back to our community with his time and donations. ~ Drew Pittman

Words that for me easily define my nephew Rob, " Pride of Workmanship" , " Fun loving Spirit " , " Devoted to his children " and " One helluva good Sportsman . ...... Oh , and he is quite MAD, but like his uncle most of the best people are. ~ Uncle Gary Crowder

For the past 30 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Rob Crowder. During this time, I have experienced his generosity and love for our community first hand. He has continually donated his product for the past 6 years in order to benefit the ARC of Martin County with their annual fundraiser event and auction. The relationships that Rob develops are nothing short of professional, honest, and endearing. Martin County is fortunate to have a local like Rob running a business and giving back to our community in such a positive way! ~ Teresa Schelling

Many of you know Rob Crowder as our local owner of Crowder Rods of Stuart Florida but there is much more to say about his roots here in Martin county. Rob, son of former Sheriff Crowder, is a Stuart native servicing & supporting our area for years. He makes many generous donations to our local charities and also supports our local river coalition. Rob is a great father to his children and also good friend to many of us. Congratulations! ~ Suzanne Flannery

Meet Curtis Whiticar

Curtis Whiticar moved to the Treasure Coast as a child with his family in 1917. When he grew up, he became a commercial fisherman, a charter fisherman, and he also started his own boat building company. When he was building the boats, he was the architectural designer, the supervisor, and he also worked on all of the aspects of the boats.

Curtis Whiticar

Today Curtis Whiticar is 103 years old and still very active. He is an artist (oil paintings) and enjoys making his own frames for his paintings. He has contributed quite a few of his paintings to different non profit organizations in the community for auctions or raffles for fund raising activities. 

Curtis Whiticar has three children, eight grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Curtis has contributed to the Treasure Coast in many ways, but the two things he is most proud of are:

1) starting the sailfish release program that prevented sailfish from been killed needlessly, and
2) building a business that served his community.

At one time, his boat building business, Whiticar Boat Works employed more than 80 local people. The company is known for the quality boats it builds.   

At the age of 96, Curtis wrote a book about his life called Whiticar Waterway Tales. Find out more about his book at his personal website.

Curtis Whitcar's Secrets to a Long, Happy Life:

Curtis says that keeping busy is the secret to a long, happy life. He worked until he was 75 years old. After retiring he has kept busy with carpentry - building his own picture frames - his oil paintings, and daily exercise. He also played golf 3 times a week until he was well over 99. 

Curtis's Favorite Quote(s) or Words to Live By:

Be honest with yourself and honest with others. ~ Curtis Whiticar

What People Have to Say about Curtis:

Dad worked hard morning to night. He was always fair to both his employees and his customers. He has always been concerned about conserving our oceans and wild life and the Sailfish Release Program really meant a lot to him. ~ Laura Kay Darvill

You can find other honorees by clicking on the links below:
Rob Crowder / Curtis Whiticar
Mindi Fetterman / Margie Jordan

Meet Diane McAdams

Diane McAdams is paired with Jill Borowicz on our InsideOutProject wall because both women help those who desperately need help, and both women are active in making positive changes in the Treasure Coast community. Find out more about Diane McAdams here, then scroll down to learn more about Jill Borowicz.

Diane McAdams

Who is Diane McAdams?
Diane McAdams has lived in Stuart since 1976. She is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified addictions professional. She has a private psychotherapy practice in Stuart. Diane co-owns a business called, Unbridled, LLC. The company provides equine assisted learning and psychotherapy services. "Most people don't know what that is," says Dianne. To find out, visit their website, for information about their services or go to to learn more about this exciting form of experiential learning and therapy.

Diane is also President of MHA, Inc. - Martin Housing Alliance. The alliance provides housing for people with chronic mental illnesses and other disabilities. It is a HUD project.

Diane is a  Eucharistic Minister at St. Luke's Episcopal Church. She also chairs a fund at the church called TRUE. This fund provides financial assistance to those who live in the Port Salerno area and have fallen onto hard times. "Guess you could say I am a helper," says Diane. "Seems I am drawn to those who are often overlooked and underserved."

Diane been married for 30 years "to a great man, and we have a beautiful daughter and 2 wonderful grandchildren. I love, love , love to travel. And, of course, ride my horse, Cody."

 Diane's Favorite Quote(s) or Words to Live By:
Do. Or do not.  There is no try. ~ Yoda, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

You can find other honorees by clicking on the links below:
Rob Crowder / Curtis Whiticar
Mindi Fetterman / Margie Jordan